3 steps to change

CIRCLE CHANGES. The game of change


Play & Engage

The Circle Changes® method simulates where your personal interest lies in relation to change that you are about to embark on or are in the middle of. Taking inspiration from the circle of change theory, you will address five phases of change: IN THE DARK, SEE THE CHALLENGE, ROOL OUT, RESULTS, TIME TO MOVE ON. Players make their feelings explicit with three levels of resistance: I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT, I DON'T LIKE IT, I DON'T LIKE YOU. As a pattern emerges, management can design a strategy to act and handle interests. Actions are transferred to a steering board for operational use and implementation.


You receive a 60 min introduction to Circle Changes®.You and our consultant get to know one another as you make your objectives understood.


We then give you the chance to try the game out before we agree on the scope of a workshop.


Finally, we agree a date, who's coming, how will the workshop be communicated to your staff, a venue and a fee.


The workshop takes a day. You'll play the game of change in your organ-isation. Together, we acknowledge where your organisation is in the change process and identify what is needed to make the change take place smoothly.


Our facilitator will guide you throughout ensuring everyone participates and a conclusion is reached.


Using the Circle Changes® steering board, you'll have started to act on the tasks you agreed on at the workshop.


Our consultant will pop by and assist you with the risk avoidance actions and improvements that can make change take place smoothly.


Material and consulting is all part of a package tailored to your organisation.


We offer Circle Changes® "Train the Trainer" courses separately to further embed the method in your organisation.


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