CIRCLE CHANGES. The game of change


Enable change in your organisation


Circle Changes® helps facilitate change at all levels in an organisation.

Through simulation, the game enables people to articulate their concerns, make explicit their resistance and motivation for change. It assists management, project management and staff with adopting changes at work, through insight, reflection and actions. It teaches you to handle three levels of resistance to change; "I don't understand it"; "I don't like it";"I don't like you".


Facilitated by a certified Circle Changes® consultant, the game is built on a theoretical foundation. It helps bring resistance to the surface in your organisation. Through gamification, it brings resistance to change in the open. It empowers management, project management and employees to act and perform.


Circle Changes is suitable for small and large organisations, private and public.

It is available and facilitated in English and Danish.


Circle Changes is designed to help you articulate and implement change in your organisation.

All it takes is three steps. Read more


“Skræmmende konkret” “Meget virkningsfuldt” “Godt til projekter”

“B2B samarbejde: Kan bruges til at kortlægge samarbejde på tværs af organisationer“

Kristoffer Waage Beck

Division Manager for Service & Education

Informi GIS

Book your intro meeting

Circle Changes® is holding "after work" introductory sessions in the Copenhagen area in September & October. You'll have a chance to meet us and play the game.


If you can't make it, you can book an individual intro. meeting to fit your schedule.



Try Circle Changes on 27th Nov.

Want to try Circle Changes? Come to our free introduction on 27th November from 15.00-17.00 where you can try Circle Changes.


Only 24 places available. To book your place, please contact Kristian or Casper.


The introdution takes place at Asnæs & Vangstrup Aps - Holte Stationsvej 14 1 floor. 2840 Holte.


We look forward to seeing you..

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